Our Services
Christian Counseling Connection, Inc. offers a wide range of services to our clients. Visit our website and learn more about us. Contact us today.
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Our Services

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Let’s dispel the myth that everyone who attends therapy is deeply troubled. We all have busy lives and sometimes we need the assistance of a professional to help us through the maze of life. Let’s face it – we all could use some extra support to face the trials, triumphs, and transitions of life. So, if you are considering therapy but don’t know the benefits it can bring, here are the top four advantages to speaking with a professional:


You learn problem-solving skills to solve your own problems. Our world is fast-paced and often coming at us in so many ways that we don’t have the time to sit, reflect, and choose the strategic direction that can help make our lives less complex. Therapy allows us to listen to our own speech (out loud) and provides time for reflection on life’s circumstances in order for us to make more appropriate decisions.


Your secrets are safe. Maybe you need to just get things from your past or present out from the closet where they have been stored for years. Therapy allows you to release, in more ways than one, the hidden things that have made you feel guilty, ashamed, or hurt and hand them over to God.


Verbalizing feelings can have a significant therapeutic effect on the brain. We’re sure you have heard others in therapy say, “I do all the talking.” Research has shown that verbalizing your feelings actually helps in cognitive functioning skills.


Therapy helps you to work on ways to understand your thoughts, moods, and behaviors. After an incident, have you ever wondered why you reacted the way you did or thought what you thought? Being surprised by our reactions is part of the human experience. Often uncovering the why and how we react can help us to discover and understand our triggers. Once we do, we are on the road to retraining our thoughts and feelings in a way that will benefit us and others.

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Individual Therapy

Couples Counseling

Family Therapy

Pre-marital Counseling

Grief Counseling

Parenting Programs