Joyce Pond-Inkel, LCSW
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Joyce Pond-Inkel, LCSW


Joyce Pond-Inkel began her career as a special education teacher. Later, she broadened her field of interest by completing a master’s degree in social work.  She has worked for agencies that support people with mental illness, substance abuse issues, or both, so that they can maintain their independence in the community.  During the past 11 years, she has worked with elderly clients and their families, including dementia patients, who live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

During her leisure time she enjoys swimming, taking long walks, or curling up with a good book. She is in her third year of having a large vegetable garden.

Her life-long goal has always been to seek understanding of the whole person and to help others to fulfill their potential, finding meaning and purpose in all they do.  In her work, she draws on her education, faith and experience to help people move forward in life.